Friday December 30th 2016


Front Squat: Find a Heavy 5RM, drop one rep every :30

*Find a quick, but Heavy 5RM for the day. It won't likely be lifetime but high five if it is. Immediately upon completion the clock starts :30 countdown, at :00 squat 4 reps, then repeat for 3-1. If your 5RM for the day is right, this should be a solid test. 



10 Rounds

10 Thruster 95/65

10 Ring Push Ups

*Scale obviously. If the 10 is a challenge, drop the weight. Advisably this weight should be sub 50%. As for Ring Push Ups, if you need to scale them or break them, move to standard push ups. This should be a grueling workout, but it should be a consistent effort through all ten. If you're breaking in round 2/3 you've set yourself up incorrectly. Scaling aside, Its 10/10 move quickly in the work, rest in your transitions, find a pace that you can hold, and do not waiver. These thrusters should not be fran pace, think more aerobic.However, do not forget the point of this workout. Its to pay tribute to the man who gave his life for your country. He paid the ultimate price and sacrifice, embody that in your pursuit.