Tuesday December 20th 2016


Free Standing Handstand: Max Time in 5:00 

*There are plenty of scaling options. Choose a progression that will allow for you to accumulate a favorable amount of time under tension. >:06 seconds preferably. This can include, Headstand, Box Handstand, Finger tips to wall, nose and toes to wall, freestanding or even hollow on floor. Whichever you choose prioritize quality. 


5 Rounds for reps:

3:00 Min Rounds of ascending ladder:

3 thruster 95/65

3 burpee,

*Add three reps each time.

~Rest 2:00 restart at 3/3 and try to keep pace

*The rounds go 3/3-6/6-9/9 etc till time is up. Once rest is complete start back at 3/3 and repeat. The purpose is to test your stamina. Can you maintain your power output for the duration? This will equally test your mentality. It will be pretty easy to slack off the middle rounds. However if you find that your last round was easier, you probably sandbagged the middle rounds.