Friday January 27th 2017


For Rounds:

10 Min AMRAP

10 Cal Row

10 Wall Ball

*There has been some question regarding the absence of "strength" in this cycle. This is more a lack of focus than lack of a component. The intention of this cycle is to remove any deterrence from your intensity so that you can leave more in the workout. There is a constant debate in the CrossFit world around Strength+Metcon vs Just Metcon. In fairness, strength+metcon isn't actually CrossFit, its more exercise addiction than anything. Because you do more, you must be better. This just simply isn't true. The purpose of our Skill/Strength segment is a priority on Skill, not the Strength. Yes, occasionally there are heavy days, and sometimes those heavy days still have hard WODs. However that is all accounted for, in the exact same fashion as this cycles WODs have accounted for intensity as the most important predictor of success. If you are worried you aren't getting a good enough workout, you're not going hard enough. This is also likely not your fault, but your minds programming. You are used to two pieces a day, and your body budgets for that more than you might be aware. Especially if you're consistent. This is the main reason for this cycle, we have to rewire you to go hard, all out, one time, done, each day. The open is coming!