Monday December 19th 2016


1) Back Squat: 5-5-5-5

2) Pistol Negative: 10x2 w/:10 in bottom

*Alternating between reps, move as slowly to bottom, hold :10 seconds and you can simply roll out if needed. Control the descent and focus on tension and position. The purpose here, like last week is to promote symmetry of the hip system, and unilateral loading. Try to work across on the squat sets. Move as quickly as possible to the pistol work upon completion. 


For Time: 


Hang Snatch (95/65) 

Toe to Bar

*Grip intensive and concurrent patterns. Try to focus on efficiency and elegance of movement early on to save for the last round. Getting through the thirties will predict your success through the remainder. The intention here is just old fashioned grind. Not heavy, slightly technical to give a bit of advantage, but the only key to success here is who wants to hurt more.