Wednesday December 14th 2016


EMOMx 15

1) 4 Split Squat: Front rack ~Heavy 

2) 5 Box Jump 30/24

*The split squats are not bulgarian. This means you just take a split stance and lower knee to floor.  The purpose here is just like all unilateral loading days. Trying to ensure we maintain balance and symmetry in the power system. 


For Time: 

5 Rounds 

14 2 for 1 WB 

Row 250m 

*Scaling for the 2 for 1 isn't just simply toss the ball and let it fall while you squat twice. I know these are hard, and the main value besides their misery is to develop hip turn over speed. The people who excel at these aren't just stronger, they're usually just quicker, and bit more coordinated. The big problem with these comes in hesitation. You have to release and be quick, no thinking. If you're unable to do them, lets focus on med-ball front squat + wall ball with the focus just on speed. Don't just launch the ball and do another airsquat.