Does it really matter?

If you've read a couple or, or any of, the blogs I have "written" you're pretty aware of my poor sentence structure, bad grammar, and hopefully my honesty. Most of everything I write comes from my personal perspective, but also serves as a way to be directly honest. 

For example; I struggle all the time. Every day in fact with the meaning of all of this. As abstract as that may seem, what Im referring to is why put in all this work? You, not me. Why keep pushing them, why keep testing them, why do I care so much about the details, the form, the nutrition, all these seeming restrictions? Why can't I just let them live their life a little simpler? Is it all necessary?

Ill be brutally honest and tell you I perhaps don't know. To be clear there is one million plus ways you can still get a good workout. Want an example? Scroll through your popular feed on instagram, and you will have no shortage of what the f*** moments. People actually think thats a workout? Wheres the rest of that rep, its called a squat for christ sake, not just a dip? Its so bad, that at one point I actually banned myself from the popular tab for 30 days. Besides being a literal collection of everything you do not have, I just couldn't help the stupid. 

Fitness is relative. Everything hurts. Don't believe me? Go step by step up 3-4 flights of stairs and tell me that you're not a "little winded" or feel a little tingle in the legs. You see, most people feel this and think "Yes I just got a good workout in, that was pretty hard". Except my stairway isn't full of people selling themselves lies. Simply because theres even less people who actually bother to feel that relative intensity. We have an Elevator.. This happens on a more peculiar level inside "globo-gyms", anything that happens under those roofs can be deemed fitness, upon the fact that it happened in a gym. Like a one hour walk on an elliptical.. 

Fitness and subsequent suffering is second nature to us, we have realized a gear and intensity that 95% of the world will be completely unaware they are capable of. To them, were masochists. They don't understand why we would, or how we can do that to ourselves. Except, they don't realize, or make the effort to realize that they are human too. Our needs all differ only by degree not by kind. This is when I start to remember our why. Make no mistake, any small effort to improve oneself is admirable. I make no judgements on anyone who does any thing to improve themselves in even the smallest of steps. Change is not quick, and large, its strategic, systematic, constant small steps. Most just don't have a path, so they confuse these steps with wandering aimlessly around the graveyard till they hope to stumble upon the stone.

Don't confuse walking in circles, with forward momentum. 

Here is where the range of motion starts to matter, the heart rate, the respiratory rate, the fatigue, the neurological conditioning, the fuel, and the organization begins to matter. Perhaps all roads to lead to Rome. (Rome is fitness in case you missed that) The most direct might just have the most obstacles, challenges, and fears. Unfortunately most would veer from that road just based on perception. We know that in all of those obstacles and challenges there are distinct opportunities to improve. I guess we could take the long easier path, but we would arrive later, less prepared, and far less experienced. Turns out were not all that equal in Roman, despite all being considered Romans. 

I always want to talk about science, and theory in these blogs. However after 11 years of CrossFit and 6 years of Paradigm, its not the science thats ever mattered. Its always the mindset. The mind leads the body. The science changes the body. The body leads the life. How you do anything, is how you do everything, and this also applies to how you view it. See obstacles, you turn away. See opportunities you move forward. The trick here has always been turning what seems like obstacles to so many people into opportunities for you all.

The world will hand you all the reasons why you don't need to do any of this. I will give you one reason why you do. You get one life, and its getting shorter with every second. Its up to you, 1/4 squat your way to believing your fit, or exhaust every fiber of your being? This is exactly how I want to look back at my story. Every stone turned, every corner explored, every smile had, every battery drained, a life completely lived. Here is when I remember our purpose in all of this. We create, health, humanity, and happiness here. This is our passion, this is our purpose. Those three things are our reason for breathing. Those three things demand the details. So, yeah, I guess it is all necessary. Its just that only you guys under this roof will truly ever understand that, and were 100% ok with that. Were happy you're here!