5 Tips for 17.1!!

[EDIT] Retesting because the first round didn't go well, isn't the same as practice. I respect that much of your psyche isn't prepared to understand how you didn't beat Froning. I regret to inform you that unless you had a catastrophic mishap in round one, the metabolic demands of this workout, aren't going to likely do you any favors on round two. However if you're not going to listen, here are the tips and edited tips for 17.1:

Here it is. We're officially in the 2017 CrossFit games season. Castro just dropped his bomb from Paris, and sent the world fittingly into a Dumbbell snatching frenzy! I'll do my best to hastily get you some quick tips and insight from a post workout consideration. The first thing worth mentioning is that all of this could very well change by Monday. So rather than give you all piece by piece strategy and theory, I'll simply give you quick Coaching tips that will, if implemented in your workout, save you from some suffering. The first piece of advice is to find yourself a Delorean, get it up to 88mph. Go back, start this year over, and do what you know you should have done from the beginning. However, I just sold my flux-capacitor on eBay, so we're all in this together. 

As always, a multitude of factors will play into your success, and or failure, inside this workout. The first thing worth focusing on is that the first open workout is "unusually" for time. This does offer you the solace of knowing you only need to get out the other side alive, and not the groundhog misery of an AMRAP. Even better is that the Clock can save you. 20 minutes to finish the work is a lot of time. It is also a beacon that serves as a life raft to reassure you that you won't die out here. However, it is greater than 10 minutes, so conversation will be the key focus of tonight's tips. 

  1. Practice! I said it in the last blog, but if you do not practice these movements, standards, and transitions, you will lose seconds per rep. After 200+ reps, you get the picture. Each artist has their own style, and while I'm going to give some recommendations, time out a few rounds in different variations to see what works for you. To be more clear, attempt to turn on the box, try staying lower, try switching hands on the way down. There are a lot of tricks in this workout. The constant will be your heart rate. 
  2. Be consistent. You're going to be working for 10-20 mins regardless. This means you need to set yourself up for success from the first rep. That means be the tortoise and not the hare. This means think 5k, not intervals. Pick a pace, albeit perhaps slower than you think at first, and stick with it. This means a lot slower than most of you realize in the beginning. Set a breathing cadence, especially in the burpees, and stick to it no matter how painful! Do not hold your breath for the DB snatches. Try to stay as connected as possible but also as elastic. Exhale at the top and bottom of each rep. 
  3. Hook Grip. Defy your need for creature comforts early on, and be grateful your forearms hold out the entire workout. I would assume this is common sense but the number of people who traditional grip a dumbbell out of habit is immense. We're not doing curls or presses. You will be ripping this from the floor repeatedly. Secure your grip! This is only advisable to those of you not switching on the way down. For the record; changing hands on the way down is our default recommendation.
  4. Play your cards close, and your fitness. The closer you stay to each apparatus, the more time you will save naturally, but you will also significantly decrease the work. Things like placing the DB in line with your heels each time will help you set your back easier, and also keep the DB path tighter to the body. Do not let it get out front. Stay low on the box. How low is dependent on your mobility, and also your tempo. Resting and extending atop the box is not something I would recommend. 
  5. Set your back, and stretch your Hamstrings each rep. This may seem like it slows you down in your frantic early paces. However, I can assure you that you will not get out of this workout unscathed if you go full Mortis the Tortoise from rep one. Set your back, square your shoulders, drive through your heels, extend the hips, and finish over your center mass. Then do it again.  This went so wrong over and over again, and I suspect most of your weekend went to shit because of it. If you're retesting and want to workout at all this week, please get this right. In fact if you attempt to do better, the tighter you stay in the back the better your score. Even though it feels like you're moving slower. 

There will be countless people who will come out with pacing, theory, etc. Feel free to indulge. I will likely throw an edit or two in here for your consideration after my athletes have thrown themselves into the gauntlet and we have some more data. These 5 points of focus will assure you success, but strategy is a whole other consideration at this point. The bottom line is this is CrossFit. You've done it. You know how it feels, and you're going to be fine! Move well, and finish fast. Move too fast though, and you risk a finish at all. Be diligent, be confident, be virtuous.