If its mind over matter, whats it really matter?

Confession, its very easy to sit here and write a Blog about mindset with the sounds and views of waves crashing on the shore of Oahu. Theres little that could probably dissuade you from happiness here. (With the exception of everyone from home asking me if its actually snowing here. No! It isn't snowing) The ocean and location have more to do with this than you might understand. Travel changes you. Travel changed me. 

When I say travel, Im not exactly referring to a week in a different location, or a trip down the shore. Although they are still travel, the lessons are usually harder to see in these instances. Taking a trip to escape reality, oddly gives power to the reality you are trying to escape, dramatically limiting your capacity to truly surrender to the experience of a cultural change. I was one of these travelers, and ironically business travel was what made me learn this lesson. Perhaps it was being stuck with the locals, or maybe the frequency, or more likely because what I was doing in these locations was what I was doing at home. This made me look for the other moments, as this wasn't an escape from reality. The power of travel lies in its juxtaposition of your norms and perils, against the staunch reality that the world is bigger than your independent struggles. What you are going through simply does not matter in the grand scope of humanity. We have things we take for granted, others have things they do, we have luxuries others would dream of, and they have pleasantries that we will travel the world for. The reality is that no where, not even paradise will ever be perfect, and as such home is also not so bad. This is a powerful realization because it brings clarity to your wanton desires. What you seek is always within your grasp. Its the question of perspective and what you will do to achieve it. 

Clearly mindset fascinates me. Why can two people see the same problem, art, view, opportunity etc and have very different reactions? Where do we begin to venture differently, how does it happen, why? The human mind is an incredible tool, and gift. It can however be your biggest curse. Mine always was. I never believed that mindset had much to do with success, just hard work, some luck, and perseverance. In my travels I was challenged. Through various avenues, but mostly my existence, my position, and my outlook. This may be hard to understand, but it took numerous cultures, experiences, friendships, and opportunities for me to learn that obstacles are literally the way. (a great book that will, if you let it, change your views) Respectfully we don't all have the opportunity to embrace change in the face of frequent travels. So I attempt to write, and communicate, and explain this modicum via this medium. 

We as humanity have a tendency to view our circumstance as dire. Whatever it is, its the end. Maybe its age for me now, but Ive lived through a lot of ends. This may also lend to my inner calm now. Or maybe its just my impetuous nature has led me to more holy shit moments than most, so I have learned a few more lessons. Either way, my struggles have been growth. In order to grow in any respect we must face struggle, and do so willingly, intensely, and even vulnerably. (That last one took me years to learn) This is a lesson that Paradigm has been teaching you without necessarily ever saying it. Conditioning you for the growth of extreme struggles. 

Pre-Paradigm, most of us probably pursued fitness in some mediocre, or relatively intense manner. Some of us may have had success, some none. Regardless, we ended up here because we knew intrinsically that struggle and intensity creates change. We needed more. Thats why you're here. Facing your fears in workouts everyday you have no choice but to complete, and then do so with a score youre proud of on the board. Facing the reality that you struggle with a skill and that you will not proceed till you have mastered it. Realizing that even something as simple as fitness requires a comprehensive assessment of all life. Most of all though, by getting back up, you get up better. 

We have all gotten very good at this in CrossFit, in WOD's, in classes. What we need to do now though is start to see the correlations, see the value of your struggles and success in here and apply these lessons to the world out there. Every day is no different than reading that whiteboard. There are countless things, and moments you won't want to do that you will have to, to move to tomorrow. Or you can put them off, move around them, and ignore them, and be stuck metaphorically in the third of five rounds. Your willingness to keep moving despite feeling like death is creeping up your heels mid workout, is no different than embracing the obstacle and maintaining forward momentum.

After all these mindset blogs, you should, I hope start to see that the only thing that ever matters is how you view anything. The only thing that we ever have true control over is our mindset and perspective. Find opportunity and lesson in every moment, especially the ones you want the least. Your mind determines what matters, what matters doesn't determine your mind. What you seek to achieve is within your ability to see. Move toward what you want, and straight through what stands in your way. You'll appreciate the moments more. 

Constant action, always forward, despite fear.