The sum of all parts.

Assuming somehow I still have your interest after all this time, I must be touching on something of interest to you. I hope... The purpose of these blogs and words is to create thought, to spark an actionable introspection or curiosity. Do I expect you take all of these words seriously? No. Do I think they're of value? Yes. I struggle a bit with the lack of content I put forth in terms of exercise and science, and I promise we will get there. Its just that what can be gleaned from between your ears, far exceeds the capability of a barbell. To be honest we can address, cover, and develop all of the science, programming, theory, and fitness in our hour together each day. The mindset, and paradigm shift is much harder, and it takes constant focus. At the end of it all, all I really hope to do is help create opportunities for all of you. That is my purpose. 

Im not sure exactly how many words Ive written on mindset. Imploring you to just get moving. Start, appreciate the process. Constant action, always forward. You must simply just chase the things that excite you, and ignore the things that simply just require your time. You will not ever get it back. 

Assuming you've started to embrace these mantras. You're starting to see the value in simplicity, in stoicism, and in process over goals. Theres one unfortunate truth we can not circumnavigate. You're the sum of those you surround yourself with. Frankly there is no bigger deference to forward momentum than the company you keep. There is no easier call to limiting beliefs than the presence of your peers. Unfortunately we cannot pick our family, our bosses, our co-workers. You can however define your 5. Its long been believed, even studied, that the 5 people you spend the bulk of your time with will either empower, or limit you. Hopefully greatness exists in those we cannot choose, but lets just assume it doesn't. Im not saying get a divorce, quit your job, leave your family. Lets be realistic, and even slightly responsible.. 

You do have a choice where you express yourself, where you spend your time. Even if its only marginal at first. The first key here is simply defining, or maybe redefining your top 5. Identify your goals and values, your core focus and then, align yourself. This process may of course take a while, but even just the addition of one positive influence in your circle can make an incredible difference. This usually leads organically to number 2, 3, and 4. The operative part here though is you need to define yourself first. Your values, and your focus. Until you have that, you will not cover much ground. Likely just trying to align yourself with "successful" people. Heres a secret, not everyone who is "successful" is worth a second of your time. Not even because they are poor examples, but perhaps because your values and focus does not align. Honestly, you will see what I mean as soon as you find a #1. 

The beauty of this is that you already have chosen to change your circle when you Chose Paradigm. Inside here the circle is much bigger than 5, but the focus is all the same. Improvement of health, happiness, and humanity. Truth be told much of what happens here isn't because of science or the program.. Most of it is what happens between your ears, because of your peers. This is how we have staked our place in changing the world, and leaving it better than we found it. Maybe, (likely) key members of your 5 are in here too. If you want my advice, Id look here first. We didn't all end up here on accident with the copious amount of other gyms in the city. Were likely all here because our values and focus align. 

Find your 5, change your 5, shuffle your 5. Just prioritize your time, and your passion. To do so you're gonna need some key people to lean on. When you take action here, you will, I guarantee see immediate benefits. 

Constant action, Always forward, Despite fear.