I want you to fail!

What if I told you that all of your failures, were worth more than any one achievement. You'll either stop reading right here and think Im crazy, ponder this concept, or argue it vehemently. So before you pass your judgement let me explain. Naturally, you likely have filed all of your successes as crowning achievements or moments. As you should. While filing the failures along the way as garbage. Except, they are what brought you to that moment, not a magic lamp. Sure there will be a few key moments of luck in your life if you're "lucky" but lets be real, everything else you've accomplished is nothing more than a culmination of all of your mistakes. 

As a Coach I have a unique opportunity to see growth. Its a terribly empowering thing to watch and admire, and honestly it changes you. Watching someone grow is very motivating, and I don't just mean in size. A conversation that Ive had a few times lately has been whats your favorite part of your day? I live my dream so its all pretty fun, but the highlight, or the moments I more often than not go to bed thinking about is seeing you guys fail. Seeing athlete x come in and fail over and over in an attempt at a bar muscle up. This has nothing to do with me thinking its funny. Even though some times it is. It has everything to do with seeing someone find hope, excitement, faith, eagerness, and confidence. Seeing someone say "I think I can do that" is absolutely incredible. Simply because I don't work with all sorts of alpha males, and high level athletes. Were all normal, run of the mill, humans. Most of which, before walking in here, had written their life off as terminal, or matter of fact. Upon entering, everything changed. They found faith in themselves, belief in the future, hope, excitement, all the things that they thought age stole from them. This is how I go to bed with a smile. 

In our pursuits, we measure our milestones by our successes. However I implore you to find solace and excitement in your failures. Your willingness to try new things will almost certainly be met with failure, and likely the next few times. Its the fact you're trying that matters. Don't get me wrong no one wants to see your success story like I do. I just love seeing all the chapters in that story just as much. You are a collection of your failures, its up to you what they are going to say about you.