The space between you, and success.

If your looking for financial tips, its not here. What is here is some advice regarding your Gymnastics. Except let me delineate that term. Were simply defining Gymnastics as your ability to move your bodyweight, with efficacy, and efficiency, then and only then intensity. 

With respect to the term Gymnastics, and your respective goals in Gymnastics, I completely understand its not likely you said "I just want to move better", you more likely aspire for something sexy like a Muscle up, or HSPU, or maybe even a Lever. Whatever party trick you're chasing the devil is in the details. While any of the above sex symbols are absolutely demonstrations of your fitness, they're also demonstrations of your foundations. That, at its core is why they are demonstrations of fitness. Human nature draws us to complexity, and vanity, both of which are alway seeded in the background work. With the exception of maybe vanity, your born with that, or maybe its maybelline. 

Thing is, I want you all to achieve those big goals. Those large scale multi-joint, complex demonstrations of coordination. Except, even more so, I want you demonstrate basic human movement with virtuosity. Theres always a fast road, or left lane, and some people will be blessed with the opportunity to jump the shark and hodgepodge the skill together. Thats cool, just not very efficient. Some of us will be able to do the components independently, but not in entirety, not much efficacy there. The missing link is the linear progression of mechanics, consistency, intensity, or foundations, progression, virtuosity. 

We've set you all up for success here, we drill the foundations of Gymnastics regularly. We don't often drill the larger skills though, and some of you maybe asking why, or may even be frustrated and assume thats why you're not progressing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Were just laying the foundation. We haven't gotten to the rafters. However if the foundation is laid correctly, everything goes up easier, but stands for much longer. Im not trying to falsely validate our process or justify it. Im simply conveying the experience that hundreds of hours coaching, teaching, traveling, and learning have shown me. 

Everyday I try to make you better, and at the same time try to slow you down. If you do this right you have the rest of your life to keep practicing. I completely respect the urgency of which you want to be better. Understand though, that we often see much further ahead of you than you are capable of. So when we drill you on something you are so sick of drilling, lose the frustration, embrace the element, strive for perfection, utilize every second of each rep, this is the distance between you and your success. This is where lives are changed. We don't just arrive at our goals. 

See you for the long road,