The struggle is real!

The modern world sucks! Ok, ok, Ill take that back. We have accomplished so many unreal things, the human life has catapulted so much further than even just our grandparents could expect. The issue is with progress often comes change, and change albeit a good thing, creates some ripples. What we have now is a pond that was once relatively flat, and because of these ripples a tsunami is approaching. Momentum is a funny thing. 

Let me be clear, I do not have it all figured out. I wouldn't even call my successful. I would however give myself the credit of being a Metacognitive autodidact. Two fancy words to say, I screw things up, and I try them again differently, and ponder the smallest of actions. So in all the the things Ive done right, and the things Ive done wrong, the relative success and experience Ive learned is that all progress is simply momentum. Maintaining a steady state of Momentum is really the key to all success.  Without getting philosophical, achievement and life are liquid. Capable of standing still, or adversely formidable-momentum. The mass of liquid, or you, largely stays the same, the action which you put forth on this mass, changes its capability immensely. The key? It takes only a breeze or tremor to enact change. We are always trying to create a tidal wave of success, when we need just create a ripple. 

This works in both ways though. Two waves converging in the ocean create a cataclysmic effect. [Enter the Rogue wave, Go research the Agulhas Current and its impact with the westerlies] Obviously were not talking about the climate, fluid dynamics, or maritime dangers. What Im trying to draw here is a correlation of the fluidity of life and the ubiquitous rogue wave. Rogue waves interestingly enough happen in all matter; gases, sound waves, liquids, even solids (resonation). Therefore momentum is everywhere.  What is important here is control of current, and conservation of momentum forward. When our optimism is hit from the outside world, lets say social medias reminder of our inequity. We tend to subduct, let that wave crash over us and let its momentum carry us under while it builds on its negative momentum. The only trick here is the conservation of energy. This simply requires constant ripples. So that when faced with the impending tides of terror, they subduct. 

Ok enough about fluids. All I'm saying is baby steps. Were so constantly focused on what we don't have we set goals for precisely that. Instead of looking at a goal as a series of very small tasks. We only simply see the car, home, wife/husband, and dreams others experience. While we trudge about in our daily life gaining no traction. A ripple is all thats needed. In almost all the examples of defeat I have encountered both personally and with you, its the times when the inbound current crushed your momentum. Every wave is gonna hit the shore! The secret to any goal is to set the steps so clear and small that momentum is unwavering. 

Our world is 100% now at odds with your success. Social media is not your friend. Sure its sold to us as such. "keep in contact with friends family, see what so-and-so is up to". No. For clearer example. Head to your Instagram and click the magnifying glass. How awesome, an entire feed custom designed to my interests! Not exactly, this is actually more like your Den of Inequity. A reminder of everything you don't have, photo after photo. The body, the car, the girl, the parties, the travel, the job, the clothes. Whats worse is that this doesn't just apply to you, it applies to your significant other, friends, and family too. Helping to create false hope and expectations of a relationship and life. To top that? Its never going to end. Social media is here to stay. 

Momentum. Ripples. Once in action, the key is to stay in action. Surround yourself with the people who support your mission. Focus on your ripples, not the intended wave. Celebrate the excitement that comes from moving just a fraction forward every day. You've all experienced it at least once, something that starts rolling and you just feel unstoppable. It could have just been the first time you rode a bike, or it could have been a project at work. That energy is contagious. This is why a community is so important. This is why Paradigm works, we're the pond, you're the ripples, and we make some massive waves! For your next task, you need to keep it moving. In a closed system all energy remains constant. It can absolutely be converted from one form to another though. The Conservation of energy on the positive pursuit is the absolute focus. Let it run wild and it can just as easily convert to the self defeating negative. Ripples. 

Take today not in strides, take today in steps, tomorrow too. Wait a few weeks, and look back, you won't even see where you started from. Just keep moving.