Whats in a Name?

When I launched the new site, I hit a button. This button although simple took me almost a year to hit.. Im not afraid of change. I actually love it. I was afraid of upsetting the status quo though. Upon considering how Id feel about you guys letting discomfort manage your decisions I went for it. Upon doing so lost 400+ Blogs I had written. Should I be mad? At first I was pretty sad, then I realized like most obstacles, that this is just an opportunity to get better. Now I can update all the old content, practice writing some more, add new insight to outdated information etc. Is it gone? Yes. Is it a problem? No, its an opportunity. 

This type of perspective plays out every day, multiple times a day for you. Perception, and perspective have always fascinated me. What makes two people, in seemingly identical situations look at something, and act completely independently of each other? Why do I see opportunity, when you see failure? Why do you see promise, and I may see struggle? Im not entirely sure when this observation took place for me. Or if it was even a moment at all. It was more likely a culmination of events that made me acutely aware of the disparity of perspective. I obviously didn't take a conventional route in life. I perhaps took the most complicated route. Choosing to be a staunch contrarian, anti-establishment, autodidact punk really. I didn't set out this way because It seemed like a good idea. To be honest I did it because I didn't care about anything. This would take me years to come back from.. 

In many ways the first steps of my recovery from egotism was the consciousness of Paradigms. Being able to see things from completely different or fresh perspectives. This 100% is a product of my struggles. I whole heartedly believe that had I taken a conventional route, I wouldn't have become so keenly aware of this "fresh perspective" phenomenon. Largely because I would have just kept trudging on in my linear path, and unlikely that I would have noticed so many different ways "to skin a cat". If you asked me one thing thats paramount to any one persons success, its the value of a Paradigm Shift. The ability to understand that anything can be solved in a number of ways, not just one, and that every obstacle and its subsequent solution is simply about how you choose to look at it. This principle is so important in my life I named the whole gym after it! 

Paradigm was chosen, not just because it sounds cool. (I'm biased) It was chosen because as you all take foray into personal development your paradigm will become your guiding principle. As you approach new tasks, obstacles and events, how you look at them-yourself-training, and the space around you will be key to your developmental success. On day one you will see immovable barbells, complex gymnastics elements, insurmountable running distances, and a multitude of other life metaphors played out in fitness equipment. However as the days strip away we as coaches will begin to break these monumentous tasks into singular thought. Delineating a symphony of movement down to one key note before another. 

Its this metaphor I hoped to drive home over and over again in your pursuit of fitness. Simplifying lecture, and coaching into digestible focus. Assisting in achieving goals that you should have once likely thought impossible. Even more so, I was hoping this conditioning of the mind would play itself into the hours and moments outside of the gym. Into work, family, relationships, success and problems. Placing you under adversity and complexity daily, yet simplifying equally, wasn't just about making you stronger, leaner, and faster. I hoped to make you more successful, positive, optimistic, and clear headed as well. Seeing things from a different point of view, should help you see from others point of view. It should help you see simplicity in complexity. It should help you see promise in adversity. The value of an obstacle as an opportunity to improve, rather than a reason to turn back. 

This is why we are named Paradigm. Lets start seeing the world differently.