How to fill out white shorts... Or just 5 tips for 17.4!

YOU'RE ALMOST DONE!! Although you're probably going to hear that at least 30x by some disingenuous bystander who's simply shouting while they scroll their phone, you, my friend, are actually almost done. 1 more week to go after this. Unfortunately we gotta get through this chipper. It's ok, we're in this together, and I'm gonna try to help. If nothing else, I'll keep you from screen-shotting Brooke all night. 

First noteworthy point is that if you've been here a while, and you've done this before. If you've been here at Paradigm you've done it 3x to be exact. So, nothing should be a huge surprise here. This will perhaps be a refresher for you, maybe an aha moment or two. The rest of you, this might be your first rodeo. No worries, we got you! 

13 minutes... Here we go again playing on that anaerobic switch. Depending on who, and "how" you are will depend on whether you go glycolytic or oxidative. But given the opposition, yet similarity of patterns, you can pull this off to your advantage. Like every other week, I'll let you stick to your trends when learning your paces from the masses. I will remain clear in that this is still just CrossFit, and while there's considerations for skill, the pace is, as always as fast as f***ing possible. You're a CrossFitter, you are ready for this. Just be intelligent and don't blow up, making mashed potatoes in the first 55 reps... 

So here's what we got: 

  1. Don't be a hero, run your own race. I said it above. Be intelligent. This means knowing yourself, and as such your capacity. No one should be going for UB on the DL, or 2 sets, or even 3 really. If you're going for UB you're either beyond help, or way to damn fit to be reading this ramble. The goal should be 10's or less. 225 is heavy, like real heavy, and 55 reps is 12,000 lbs of work. Go 5's and rest less. More importantly, rest strategically, and not because you left your spine in turn 3 on rep 27. It should go without saying the point of 5's is to keep your position intact. Bigger sets, bigger deviation. If 225 is less that 50% and your motor is 100% go bigger, but don't blame me when the pain train steals your p-chain. 
  2. Your heels! Use them. In everything. Down in the DL, Down in the WB, Down in the row, Dow... err uhh flexed in the HSPU. This is a more common problem than you likely think. The more you sit and drive in your heels, the more the larger motors will work. Glutes and hams baby, Brooke didn't buy that on eBay. As the bar strays out in front because you didn't listen to #1, you will drive your toes, and blow out your quads and QL (low back). Heading over to your happy dance feet thing you do in wall balls all up on your toes as the ball pulls you forward.. Then you'll get on the erg and lift your heels on each stroke as you reach for the gate, assuring your quads are gone. Its okay, because you don't need them for HSPU. Till you get upside down and realize you have no drive in your kip.... Or you could just set your heels and focus on them from the beginning and crush this thing. 
  3. Wall-balls.. you're screwed.. Just kidding, its 55, get through them. This is not a deal breaker. If you're not gifted at the misery ball, stay in small sets with small rest, just do not get caught staring at the ball! Girls you're going to be in smaller sets, its ok, the field is even really. The key here is to not blow up. So if 55 is a death defying number for you, male or female, take your max UB set, and go with sets 20-30%. Don't worry, 10's are safe. If you love Karen, go bigger.  It's really that easy. 
  4. The row. You're not going to win here, don't try. The one who wins comes off this machine steady, and able. Blow it out to catch up or chase the clock and you're gonna struggle. Keep your stroke rate low. 23-26 depending on your height. Keep your watts high. That means more force per stroke, less strokes. Remember your pulling cals. This means the machine is calculating force on the flywheel. Letting the Wheel slow more between strokes, means you can apply more force on it. The exact opposite of rowing for distance. This will also allow you a solid 1:1 work/rest. 
  5. Do not be Brooke! As much as we can all appreciate her wardrobe. Her efficacy upside down was a lot less to be desired. This is not a testament to her strength. It is a by-product of a failed focus on the integrity of the midline in HSPU training. She was broken at the hip, sitting her butt on the wall. Not only did this cost her the body length needed for a rep. It also requires a lot more kip to overcome a relaxed position. Stay strong, stay long. Focus on glute and ab tension through the kip. This will require less drive, and assure easier standards. 

Outside of that, remember to practice, set your workspace effectively, address your mobility, and conserve your posterior chain. Especially if you're going to have another crack at this on Monday. This chipper is a blast, and I can't wait to watch you all work through this. Lets start closing this thing out!!