Meditate on your Mortality

Although that title may sound a bit morbid, I can explain. I don't want you fixated on death, or in some way stressing or fearing it. What I would like is a paradigm shift again. The Romans called this Memento Mori, "remember that you must die". Although this has ironically little to do with the reality of death, but more so the opportunities of life. I realize were approaching halloween, but Im not fixated on death and skeletons don't worry. While keeping with this them of mindsets and perceptions its important to be avidly present in every moment. To embrace struggle and obstacle, to always be moving forward, to take action, we need to embrace one stark reality. Tomorrow is never a guarantee. 

What if you knew you were going to die tomorrow, that you had some rare terminal disease and it was all coming to an end. What would you do with your final moments? The interesting thing here is those moments are identified as our most important, the activities, ideas, or plans are perhaps our most coveted. However you're not likely dying, not soon anyway. This opposing reality creates a lot of problems. More along the lines of "Ill get to it eventually" or similar type time insensitive motivations. You are absolutely going to die, and there is literally no way to stop it. Do not put off for tomorrow, what can be done today. 

By meditating or being mindful of this reality, you actually free yourself from it. By turning this massive unavoidable obstacle that would be the end of your life into an opportunity to motivate you, and bring some clarity. I respect this is a very hard read, morbid, insensitive, and dark. This is the world we live in, and avoidance of the capricious nature of life. Our worlds are built around us on these opportunities, and shiny things. Things that allow our focus to be lost. Our attentions distracted, if even for a moment. We live in an instant society, which gives a false narrative of time. Its the one thing that we are constantly losing, but we are always ignoring. 

So now we know were not going to live forever.. Lets stop living like we have all the time in the world. Every moment is as important as the last and next. In each of these moments are opportunities to be present, resolute, and otherwise happy. By changing your focus to your past, the future, or anywhere other than the moment, you lose a distinct clarity that only this mindfulness of mortality can provide. So why am I discussing this in a fitness blog? Well lets be clear, this is a wellness blog, and that includes mindfulness, mindset, health, performance, and happiness etc. This is also because the biggest deterrent to daily locomotion is presumption of time. "Ill start monday" "I need to be in shape first" "I can't because__" Those are all false precepts of a narrative that assumes time is guaranteed. It is not, lets be assertive here. This also suggests or posits that success can be lumped into one time sensitive activity, as opposed to the constant incremental forward focus and action. 

Time is not guaranteed, it is a gift, you don't have to do anything, you get to. Things do not need to be put off to later, but addressed simply, deliberately and incrementally. Your life, your goals, your success's are within each moment. Learn to appreciate the capriciousness of life, not ignore it, you will find a sense of urgency, calm, and motivation that only mortality can truly provide and remind. 

Constant Action, Always forward, Despite Fear!