Put down the forks and knives, and take a look inside..

Cant we all just get along? No I'm not talking about radical protest groups. Im actually talking religious zealots. Never in decade or so Ive been doing this have I ever seen so many people willfully expressing interest in Nutrition, and subsequently Ive also never (at least that I remember) seen such polarization and tension. 

Im gonna blow your mind, you ready? Theres more than one way to pursue nutrition and be healthy! What?? Yeah, and you want to know what the underlying truth is? As long as you don't eat like an asshole you'll be doing pretty well. There, I fixed your nutrition, move along... 

Although its that simple, its not likely that easy though. Nutrition is seeded deeply in psychology and subsequently its resolution requires lots of layer peeling. Assuming we can get to the root of the problem, we still have to address the other elephant, which is expectation vs reality. Nutrition is simple, people are not. 

You could choose paleo, keto, vegan, macros, or the combination of all, and achieve relatively solid results. Except you know what they all take? Adherence, and to some degree faith. The real problem with nutrition is its a long con, nothing is apparent over night, and often the things with the quick results have long term failures, and vice versa. However despite all that, if you were capable of just making a decision for yourself, and not accepting the noise and feedback of the world, your results would likely impress you. The human body is incredibly efficient, and adaptive. 

This is one of the main reasons the Paradigm nutrition model offers, and affords so much variability, because frankly it can. You can still be a human and eat well, you can still be social, have friends, go out, and even enjoy yourself and still eat well. You will just need to be honest with yourself, your goals, and your approach. Nutrition has never, nor will ever require religious adherence, but that doesn't mean its a free-for-all. 

Ultimately everything we put in our body is doing one of two things. Making us better, or making us worse. I would also wager that you as adults are largely conscious of whats good and whats bad too. Its basic accounting, you put in more bad than good, and your screwed! Where it gets a little more frustrating is that everything bad is worth more like 5 points to everything goods 1.. What a terrible world we live in! 

Its not all your fault, don't worry. Get lost in wegmans for more than 10 mins and you'll likely sneak something into your own cart as if you're actually fooling yourself. Todays food, isn't really food, its an engineering project. Literally designed to be hyper palatable, and subsequently crave able. Like a drug more than we admit. 

You have likely noticed by now I haven't told you yet what to eat. Disclaimer: Im not going to. Because If were going to make progress in the nutrition world, you're going to need to do it yourself. Step 1 is really as simple as self control. Long before we talk macros, paleo, vegan, or zone we need to discuss your why. Regardless of what fancy trend you're looking for, we need to free you first. Unfortunately Ive seen very little success with protocols, because they're not very self-fulfilling. Meaning the protocol always gets the credit not you. I lost x because of x, how about we start this out by saying I changed my life because I wanted to, that led me to x. 

Restoring a healthy relationship with food requires us to dig in, into those dark layers of self-responsibility, accountability, and accept that we are the reason we are this way. Then like anything we need to decide for ourselves we want to make a change. This leaves the door wide open to a plethora of options, but none of these options mean anything till your why exceeds your how. 

Im sick of giving nutrition advice as a band-aid to self loathing, doubt, and insecurity. The complexity in which nutrition is fed to us doesn't make it any easier either. I want to let you know, that health isn't at the end of food scale, death doesn't come from one donut, failure from a piece of meat. All nutrition protocols are built on fear based psychology, slip and die. This is basically a recipe to ensure that even if you find success with a protocol, you're likely just developing an even unhealthier relationship with food. No one likes a zealot either. I want you to enjoy good food, not eat it because you have to. I want you indulge when you want, but accept the reality you made a poor choice. I assume in your adult years you know that a glass of wine, beer, or bourbon is a poor choice, own it, move on be better tomorrow. 

If you're interested in Paradigms Nutrition model we would love to help, just know we want to see personal growth more than we want to see physiological changes. We want to teach you why, not just show you. Without education, you will never be able to replicate or reproduce this in life, and thats not going to help anyone!