Take Action!

In the most capable of times, we have the most reluctance. It would be almost laughable if it weren't so perplexing. In no time in history have we had such access to information, culture, mentors, and countless other means of self assistance. Yet, despite this reality, we find ourselves stuck. Steadfast in a swamp of reasons why not, instead of reasons why. Too old, to fat, too young, too old, too poor, too busy. Maybe this is a timeless human characteristic, I just find this behavior to be increasing. Maybe with the excess availability of the world around us, some don't see opportunity, but constant reminders of the fast pace, unforgiving nature of the world. This is perspective, your perception of the world around you. Why choose oppression, when opportunity is so apparent? For whatever reason, we do though. 

The power of compound interest is undeniable. Im not referring to your non existent savings account either. I am referring to the result of constant action. In one blog Im not going to change your view of the world, and perhaps not even your view of yourself. I can however tell you how to right the ship in port. To take the first step, to take action against all the insurmountable odds you have calculated. We keep score, its in our nature. We calculate, add, and compile lists of why things aren't in our favor, and all the while giving them more power over us, than a list of reasons why this might just work. To get that wall to fall, you simply just need to start. To build a home, it takes but one board at a time. An object set in motion will remain in motion, just as well as an object at rest will stay there, both until acted upon. Your goal is clear the obstacles one at a time from the path. Not to divert from the path and obstacles. Unfortunately we tend to see the sum of all obstacles at first glance, and therefore lose all hope. Find me a handful of your most respected, successful people. Your list will likely not be made of a group of people who do one thing extremely well, but multiple things well. Choosing to do something the best is an undeniable accolade if accomplished. The interesting paradox is the amount of things that cannot be done well by the same person. Doing 2 or 3 things you just become busy. Choosing to do 5 or 6 things and interestingly all of them seem to get better. One would always assume the opposite. This is the power of compound interest, steadfast action, concurrent progress. 

Here you have a pile of goals, things you want to achieve. Fixated on the end goal. What you have is several paths, and a pile of obstacles. Each obstacle a milestone and opportunity to learn and be better than you were before it. When you do arrive at that goal it is rarely ever the destination that matters, but the lessons and experiences along the way. You just need to take action. Theres no real justification of chasing one task at a time, at the expense of the other learned opportunities. Decide now, this moment who you want to be, where, even what. Then act. Stop giving me the list of reasons why not. Move with cadence and confidence toward each of those reasons, address them, learn from them, move to the next one. 

Before you right this off as philosophical bullshit, I will concede, it is. This is one hundred percent philosophy. Except philosophy is ironically demonstrated by talking about thinking and action. However Philosophy is nothing more than action in reality. A belief, a resilience, and resounding persistence to how you perceive the world and opportunities in it. Take action, move, keep moving, it doesn't need to be quickly, effortlessly, or unimpeded. 

"Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking." 
-Marcus Aurelius