I have had a terrible week. Yes, it happens, even to me. The author of all these motivating, mindset, ever forward blogs. Set backs happen, and sometimes they're huge. To be honest Its been one rolling thunderstorm since I returned home from vacation. Perhaps this is the norm? Im not sure, and honestly all of me wants to see the lesson here as no more vacations. I just refuse to correspond the magnificence of Hawaii with any negativity. More so I consider it fair game for the opportunity for having been able to view paradise. 

Waking up each morning with the weight of uncertainty and stress on my chest, the dreary winter, and the ever quickly approaching holiday makes it really hard to find the outlook I preach. Stress, and problems have a funny way of fixating you on the past and future. How'd I get here, what am I going to do? The thing is, like anything, its only moments. There are no problems larger than your mortality and you face that every day. This too, shall pass. Bad days happen, mistakes happen, regrets, failures, stress it all happens. To even the best of them. Its the moments that bring the sunshine. During moments of stress and chaos, the only reprieve is the moments. The only clarity comes in the simplicity and elegance of a single breath. Much the same as you will take another breath, you will if you choose, begin to better this situation. In each moment, or even millisecond it can all be distilled down to one singular concept. Happiness, or Sadness. In that question, who would ever choose sadness? Focus on the distance though and the horizon is dismal. Sadness all of a sudden seems a certainty. Focus on the past, and you surely will be saddened by the events that brought you here. Focus on this second, not forward not back, and you will always choose happiness. No one truly wants to be sad. This takes a lot of work though, its a skill, a talent to be honed and a mantra to me uttered every day. Being able to black out the past and future, to "ignore the reality" and simply make a frivolous decision to just smile is hard. In fact, its unlike what the vast majority of everyone around you does, and will tell you to do. 

Ive been asked a lot what I think my one experience, talent, lesson, etc that has lead to my success of mindset is? The "one thing", if I had one. Ironically this took me years to accept, but the one gift I was given was to be broke, poor, financially depleted. Theres a clarity that comes along with this opportunity of poverty, a sort of survival based mechanism, an any means necessary approach to everything. Simply because it all was any-means-necessary. This gift, for years haunted me as a secret. A blemish, a period of regret and embarrassment. I thought it defined me, and in a negative way. Suggesting any future success was fraud because I once got it all wrong.. Its not till I started to understand this idea of momentous living that I truly understood the lessons of poverty. I am in no way recommending poverty either.. Its awful. Terrible. Taking back spare change to find gas and food, returning pop cans, eating canned potatoes for several days on end. I know what its like to be hungry, scared, uncertain, and depressed. I have been to the bottom, and it made me who I am. I didn't realize it then, but I made choices. Every single day, to just enjoy my life. That meant at the time to live in the moment, because forward and backward were simply terrifying. Honestly it was probably Hera and Hades who got me through it most. My dogs taught me unconditional happiness in the most dire of times. I wasn't poor because of some extenuating circumstance, I arrived there by focusing on the future and losing who I was. I arrived there slowly, little by little, ironically chasing money, and ignoring passion and purpose. Being poor in many ways taught me how to find value in the things that were free. 

A lot of success stories have come from people of low means. I am in no way a success story though. I am just a person who has lived his life. Explored the nooks, crannies, corners, and drained the batteries. Ive lived highs, and lived lows. Zigged when I should have zagged. Knocked down when I thought I was getting up. Every terrible situation offers you a chance to be better. No situation ever defines you, they create you, temper you, and mold you. The strength of that mold and the character that comes out lies in the secret of one decision. Happy or Sad. Cliche as you want it to be, its true. In this life you own nothing except your health and your happiness. The rest is just borrowed time, a lie, or a distraction. 

So Ive had a bad week, it cost me thousands, it hurt, it angered me, and it distracted me. It also made me better. I made some corrections, righted the ships at sea, reviewed some process's and ultimately have come out a little smarter, and more motivated. I just needed the moments, constant action. Everything you're going through does not define you, it does not limit you, except for the attention and energy you give to it. Theres always a chance to smile, a chance to take even a half step, a chance to begin to improve. Im with you in each of those steps. Trying to be better each day, I wear your same badges and scars. Embrace your community, tighten your circle, pick up a good book. Just smile. 

And yes, these blogs are as much for me as they are for you. 

Constant Action, Always forward, Despite Fear