Pain and Action

Its been 9 years. 9 years!! That Paradigm has been a "thing". I have to call it a thing, because I don't think calling it a business in all those 9 years would be telling the truth. In many ways its still growing into its pants, and Im ok with that. In this almost decade we've not only learned valuable business lessons (usually too late) we've also noticed some trends. More specifically patterns of human behavior. 

In most cases I think we as humans believe that positivity or optimism causes us to act, or take action. Like, I want to be in shape, or He's in shape so he likes to workout, or even "he has money, he doesn't know what its like to be me". Or multiple variations of similar dialogue. They all suggest one thing, and that is that we are driven by action, or success. Its just that I/we have started to notice something. Its pain that springs us into action. Specifically when the pain of the situation outweighs the ease of complacency we act. Its the action we take that changes wildly person to person, but act just the same. 

This is where Fitness also becomes complicated, and the law of diminishing returns becomes perilous. Lets take a trip back in time to your day one, or for some of you thats like last week. Something drove you off the couch, through the door, and laid down your CC. You took a stand for yourself because the pain of something made you take a stand for yourself. In those days the PR's came rolling in. Pounds falling off, and new skills came aplenty. Fast forward a few years, and that Success train, hasn't stopped at your station in quite some time. Alas you keep showing up. Progress continues, just albeit slower. 

Fitness has now based on emotional triggers become a habit, and you are here to stay. This despite its promise isn't always a good thing, because fitness in itself suggests the absence of pain and the existence of health. Understand I don't simply mean physical pain because soreness is a bitch. I mean, when you look good, you feel good. This absence of pain is also perilous because this is when you slip. "Nailed it" "earned myself this cheat meal" two weeks later you're mouth breathing on your couch because you've been on a grub hub bender. Ive been there too man! Finally one day, if you're lucky you stand up, realize you cant see your baby maker again, and take a stand. Again. 

This cycle repeats itself, not because of intent. Its because we don't identify with pain, we identify with success. The problem with success is it suggests oblivion to pain. Like any addict trying to curb their demon, they most own the pain. We must too. We must know what causes us to act, to prevent us from slipping. 

Im not suggesting you do not worship your success. Absolutely you should. Hang that on the fridge next to your sons report card you big kid! What Im saying is never lose sight of the pain. It does not define you, it merely provoked you. However its existence in your story is powerful, and its omission is callous, careless, and a disservice to your story. 

The beauty of understanding pain as action, is that this is how you learn to have control over the chaos. Avoiding pain is futile, using its ubiquitous and ominous presence in the world around you to your advantage is the key to your long term success. Not just a repetitive short term goal, like 6 weeks. I assure you, you will relapse. Unless you own the pain that caused you to take that first step and never lose sight of it.