I am: Tenacious!

A funny thing when taking a chance becomes a chance. This is the experience not only of Millie, but of us with her. Every member here has a unique story and existence to us. In some ways a little bit of each of their process has become us, developed us, and taught us. This our process, the process of our people. The evolution of Paradigm is analog with the development of each person who walks through this door. Cliche as it may seem, its written into our Core focus, its our DNA. 

When Millie walked in (timidly I might add) she brought a unique sense of humor. However you could hear the defeat and doubt in her punchlines. Often making herself seem like the butt of the joke, at least defensively. This does not make her unique at all. In fact, this is pretty much the exact same reaction as most people who start CrossFit. What makes her different was what she picked up on right away. From day one, Millie was inherently attracted to the ideology. The concept that progress doesn't need to be monumental to count, that one degree better each day moves the needle. This made her the Coach's dream. Not her capacity, her talent, her athleticism. What made her captivating was her willingness to improve and her respect of the process. 

My experience at Paradigm and my path to a better Millie.
From the time I learned about CrossFit’s existence through the Crossfit Games on TV, I was intimidated by it. Those girls look so muscular and strong; I wish I could be like that. Being one who loves challenges, this one became a burning desire through the months ahead that I started searching for a box to see if I could actually handle such workouts. My search brought me to Paradigm because of its unique hours, the only one in my area with midday hours. So August 2016, I stepped into the box and one of the memories I have of that day is how welcoming everyone was. Even thou I was thinking to myself “I can’t do this, this is too tough, everyone looked so fitted,” I was ready to find out.
My experience at Paradigm has been great. This is the first time in my life that I have stuck to a workout regimen and still to this day is excited to go 4-5 times a week. I am addicted! I can actually understand now what people always say, which I thought it was not true, on how your body can do more than what you think. My most amazing moment thus far, was when I did 1 real push up. One of the many things I love about Paradigm is when other crossfiters, that have been there longer, give me positive criticism. Not having correct form can lead to injuries, and I appreciate so much that others care enough to help you succeed. Coaches keep you motivated by sending you cheerful emails, encouraging words when they see you, and always making sure you are making progress. After 7 months of crossfit, people are noticing my body taking a stronger shape, and I can only thank Paradigm for the new Me ☺
Another thing I love is the “What are your Goals” wall… Writing your goals on that wall keeps you grounded and accountable. I am not intimidated anymore; I’m am hungry to learn/lift/endure more and reach new levels because I have experienced the rewards of hard and consistent work. I know I can get stronger even if it takes me months or years; this is my own race, each person/body is different. The coaches make it fun, even the warm ups which are as tough as the WODs. No one makes me feel inferior because I am not as strong as they are, in the contrary, they keep me motivated. The family-like atmosphere of this place is incredible; it keeps me wanting to come back.

She represents the masses, and ambassador for hope and progress. So many are rattled at the notion of intensity, and doubt, that they never walk in the door. Millie's experience is the fiber of our existence. The step up to the challenge, the staring down fear, the constant personal assessment and accountability. No one here moves the needle quickly. Its relative to each single person. As humans we judge by only what we see, and were so likely to forget our path. Millie exemplifies her respect for her path and self development. She literally glows in each class. She brings up the energy 5 fold, and that's a lot to do as a regular at the 10am... 

Millie has not only improved herself, she's made us all better. Especially her coaches. Being intimately involved in her process makes it so apparent and reminds us daily of our own path. She's a constant reminder to slow down and respect the path. To take it all in, and to just love the process. Most importantly she reminds us to to do it with a smile, because you will never not see her smiling! 

Congrats Millie, you're incredible, and we're lucky to have you here!