Run into the Fire

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life. 

A life without passion is probably the scariest, but realest thing I have stumbled upon. Now, as always i have a disclaimer. I don't actually want anyone running into fires. Unless of course that is what you're passionate about, then do the shit out of it, and please tell me all about it. What this is about, is doing what excites you, what drives you, and most importantly also what scares you. 

The successful run into the fire, the complacent merely get burned. Passion draws them in, excitement determines them, and faith fortifies their launch. The calling and need to feel the flames lick their skin and they rush through feeling the exhilaration of chasing the unknown. The others simply get close enough to feel the heat and the potential for burn and they turn back. 

This is another blog on mindset. The only thing, every day, that you, and only you have complete control over. Fear controls us. Logic reassures us this is a good thing. Frankly its thousands of years of evolution, trying to not be eaten by sabertooth tigers that is probably responsible for this. No-where did the the universe expect us to become the lifeless herds we have become. Perpetuating someone else's dreams, passion less, and no fire inside. We do whats easy, and we do it every day till its all over. This is a thousand deaths, I would like to die but once. A life unimagined is no life at all. This applies everywhere but also to your pursuit of health and fitness. 

Im not sure there are many places, or industries with more cautions, snake oils, rationale, and blatant f***ing lies. I have a confession, I could absolutely create a thriving business catering to and manipulating your fears. Making you believe you need us, or that we know everything, and that we have the answers. We don't, you do. Your health lies within you, and that is a simple decision to do what others won't so you can have the life that others do not want you to have. Simply because they would not run into that fire. Some of course mean well, some of course are simply resentful. Regardless of their intention, greatness lies just outside their comprehension. We've maybe just built you a really great arena to fan your fires.

Im not saying that in every fear lies a golden egg. It doesn't. Some, like running from a tiger are simply about making it to next Christmas. (But I bet that is super exhilarating. Ill just take someones word for that) On a more metaphorical level though the tiger is also the seemingly unattainable. Perhaps you will never make a billion dollars, but you could try. Perhaps you will never run a sub 5:00 mile, but you could try. Perhaps you won't own that successful restaurant you've dreamt of, but you could try. Its never the achievement. You have to realize this. That goal, that fire, that dream is never the accomplishment. It seems it the entire time. Its never till you arrive that you realize that a) the road goes on b) the path to here was the true accomplishment. The success lies in each step, because I can promise you once you attain whatever you are looking for, you will go for more. You will also be able to do so from what you've learned along the way. 

This is the irony of how fear kills us, instead of keeping us alive. Prevents us from learning, failing, succeeding, and evolving. Keeping us in one place, one state, one purgatory for the rest of our moments. I don't care what it is that excites you. Do it, do it big, do it little, just do it now, in some fashion. I cannot tell you enough the power of perpetual motion. I also cannot warn you enough of the power of fear, and doubt. Each of you reading this, including the successful are powerful beyond measure, even more so than you have already realized. You simply need to change the story you tell yourself. You deserve nothing, you earn everything, cherish each moment, do not kill time, drain your battery, and do it, doing what excites you. 

I write a lot of abstract philosophical pieces for you all, and I honestly have no idea who, if any relates to it. I am simply telling my story. The lessons I have learned about how I, myself, was always my biggest obstacle. No one will stand in your way more than yourself, change the story. If I can get only one of you to relate to these messages, I will have ran into my fire and catered to my purpose. All I need and want is to see you all fail, this is limits of our exposure, this is where we grow and evolve, and this is where I know you have run into your fire. 

Constant action, always forward, despite fear.