The price of the pursuit, and gift of humanity. Happy Holidays!

The greatest things in life can not be purchased.  A thought provoking opening statement right? I know you all, and you're all trying to populate a list or narrative that proves it wrong. Except you really can't. Naturally you can purchase some things that will help, or provide a priceless experience. However anything you can purchase only has the value upon which you place it. That most often is quite superficial, and borderline pretentious. Its not your fault, look at the consumer world we live in. Were basically told each day how worthless our life is, until we can afford something thats actually worthless. Interesting paradox we've got ourselves into. Pursue what cannot be purchased. Health, happiness, and humanity. 

There is something intrinsically fascinating about physical training, CrossFit, fitness. It simply can only be earned, achieved, pursued. It cannot be purchased, gifted, transferred or faked. Your pursuit is quite gilded. Sure you pay a gym membership, coaches, you could even pay for drugs to help you I guess. Except, you still gotta do the work. Theres no way around it. The pursuit of fitness to me used to just be an analog to performance and capacity. After a decade with it, and hundreds of success stories, fitness to me is now about the complete evolution of the human. 

Incredible things happen within these walls, most of which are predicated on performance based efforts and success's. Its the lesser known, or seen growth that is more incredible. In your pursuit of physical goals, you acquire and amass notable experiences that apply to much more than just how fast your time was. The tedious, integral, and unavoidable reality of self in these physical efforts leads to equal efforts outside the gym eventually. I have watched you guys lose countless pounds, but also go on to crush life outside the gym too. This is what I live for. I hope to leave this world better than I found it, I hope to leave each of you better than I found you as well. If even just a little bit. This, also cannot be purchased, I must earn it. 

Life is incredible, and its all about where you look to see that. You can absolutely look to the pretentious and populate your list of possessions and material distractions. Or you can slow down and realize each breath is a gift, every sunrise and sunset, each laugh among family members. You're all a gift. I write this ironically as Im about to head to the mall on Christmas eve, and face the hordes who like myself will be purchasing a material object to convey my gratitude for someones place in my life. This is the Christmas we've created, how much you spend and are able to spend demonstrates your love? If you're able to gift, gift, if your able to love, love, if you can laugh, laugh. Just be sure to find the moments that cannot be purchased. I wish you all a Merry Christmas, abundant laughter, communion, and gratitude. 

We can all be a little bit better humans each day, and no amount of money will afford you this capability. This is within each of you, a simple decision to do the things no one will likely ever notice or thank you for, in an effort to make the world a little bit better. The holidays are a tremendous opportunity for us all to slow down and reflect on these moments. Embrace your success and journey. No matter how much money you have, you can always afford to care, love, and help. A unique human purpose is simply to be of service, to help, and to interact. This is what makes the Holidays so special, because if even for a day it slows us down to let us appreciate each other, hopefully more than ourselves. 

Enjoy your families, friends, and memories! Ill see you in the gym.