10 tips for 10 rounds that stand between you and done.

The final countdow.... err up? This is it! This marks the end of the beloved 2017 Open. Taking with it your bumps, bruises, and broken egos. Well, after this weekend anyway... One more workout, or more specifically 10 more rounds. Im going to go on record and say that this isn't the worst possible ending to the Open. Dave could have made it worse, like blood letting with a dull knife? It's a bit of a cruel joke to keep us all locked here in a workout forever. Couldn't he have at least let the clock save us in an AMRAP? Guess not. So I assume if you're reading this, you want some advice. You should have been practicing your Double Unders. Goodnight! JK

This workout has a multitude of considerations, and I will admit I don't think its really that bad. Is it going to suck? Yes. Is it going to ask you to step into the dark place? Yes. Is it still CrossFit? Absolutely, and you know how this feels. We have coupled these two movements together in endless arrays, and in some circumstance with even more volume than this and you survived. Now that the pressure is on, your brain is going to make it so much harder on you. So that's step one. Tell yourself a different story. This is only bad if you think it's bad. Treat this more like a 5k and you'll be much better off. Steady and consistent effort.

This plays a little differently depending on your aptitude with Double unders. How you attack them is going to be important. Unlike the other workouts you can't just will your way through this. With the exception of the Snatches and Bar muscle ups, you've been able to just close your eyes and dig. The Double unders are going to require you to focus. Unlike the BMU, and Snatches which were placed strategically to allow for a score, and most importantly for the clock to run out, these double unders require you to finish them. All 350. This will take focus and confidence. As before I will refrain from pacing strategy, and provide simply a few actionable tips that will hopefully make this a lot less than 40 mins. 

  1. Be Diligent, not frantic. The first few rounds shouldn't be to awful for an average level CrossFitter. However, because the work isn't exactly heavy or hard its really easy to get away from yourself. Jacking up your heart rate, missing reps, moving around wildly, and not methodically. You need to move smooth, not fast. Don't waste effort, and don't lose focus. A good recommendation is breaking the DU's from the first round even if you're great at them, just to keep you in cadence. 
  2. Relax! Here are some tips for double unders. I respect that you're excited. I am too! But keep your shoulders soft, your wrists quick. Keep your midline engaged, but no dolphins! Be long in the Double unders. Keep your body tall and engaged. This will also let you do that crazy thing called breathing. 
  3. Get wide. Take a wide yet strong grip position on the Barbell. Spacing your hands out will keep your chest un-impinged and make it much easier to breathe. Just be mindful to not be so wide you cannot press. 
  4. Its all in the hips. Settle down Shakira.. I mean thrusters. You need to use the legs. Don't get caught using the arms early on, this will haunt you. Set your heels, torso up, quick from the bottom, only chasing the bar with your hands. Try not pressing as much as possible. 
  5. Run your race. You know how the last round of fran feels? Prepare for that for several rounds. This means break early. If you have never gone ub on the 9's of Fran lets just agree you're going to go 5-4 from the beginning. For the Dubs, 20-15 would be my recommendation. The only deviation person to person is the amount of breath you take in the breaks.
  6. If you have a +25 min 5k you're not likely Prefontaine (read:aerobic). Take this opportunity to EMOM it, or actually every :90 Second aim for a round. This will keep you anaerobic a bit longer and allow for a solid work:rest ratio. The slower you are at DU, longer the rounds. The key here is resting when you need to, but not because you have to because you're blown up and down to singles and doubles. If you're sub 25 though, aim to take slightly longer yet metered transitions. The aim here to be consistently working at a dedicated pace. No work:rest. Your coaches should help you with this. 
  7. Build your fort! Its up to you whether girls are allowed. But keep your equipment close, and tidy. This means setting your rope down each round. Not releasing it like the steer roping world finals. (Is that a thing?) This also means setting your bar down, ghost rider. 
  8. Neutral wrist. Try to avoid the ever present flexed wrist thruster concoction. The more neutral and stable the wrist the faster they will stay in DU. 
  9. Heels. The most basic of cue, but if you let that bar pull you forward, you tax your quads substantially. If you would like to jump efficiently, let's not let that happen. 
  10. Have fun. Seriously. This has been a long 5 weeks. On you and everyone. Competition gets the best of us, we let ourselves get down. Disappointed, frustrated, even burnt out. That's not the point of all this. It's semi natural sure. However use this for what it is. A chance to workout with 300k people! To see how far you've come. To remember you are doing something that so many could only dream of. You're alive, you're healthy and your f***ing fit! Don't forget where you came from, even if you're not where you want to be yet. You're doing this thing, and at the end of this, you get to say you did it! 

Admittedly theres not a lot ground breaking in those ten steps to greatness. I know. Why? Because this is basic CrossFit. A couplet to remind you how elegant, and simple fitness can be and still break you down. This is nothing you haven't practiced over and over. Im sure some of you are stressing over not having your Dubs down yet. Relax, the world isn't going to come off its axis. The more calm you stay, the better the chance of success I can promise you that. 

Lets all agree to give this workout everything we have left, but also to not take ourselves to serious. Have fun with it, black out, do it again if you have to. Jk, don't do that. 350 Double under are going to leave a healthy mark on that CNS. Repeats will be feeble. Lets get it right the first time and put this thing out of its misery. 

Happy close of the open everyone, its been fun.