Why fitness is stupid.

Ok, lets clarify; "Why the Fitness industry is stupid". At the core of the whole debate, or notion. Fitness is so simple. It requires some consistency, consciousness, and intent. Theres really little else. Except, everywhere you look theres misinformation. However the intent to confuse, or mislead isn't there for everyone, so I won't call them all criminal.  Just suspect.. The industry, is an industry, and like all industry, it needs to make money. Lots of it. At a quick goog, the global health club and fitness industry is approximately 80 BILLION dollars. Thats a lot of money, and all of that is prefaced on "information" and "guidance". See the industry needs you to get fat, and then confuse you from success, so that you stay in the whirlpool longer.

[Enter the CrossFit era] 

Along came a micro-gym.. Want to know how CrossFit truly changed the world? It capitalized, promoted, and idolized the Micro-gym. An existence that has been around as long as the Industry has existed. It however sat in the shadows of the Globo-gym. With their shake bars, tanning beds, towel service, and various other amenities to attract your dollar, and nothing to do with real success, but they sure were comfy. Suddenly these small warehouse gyms did something unique. They banded everyone together, (thanks Greg Glassman) and along came staggering success, and most importantly a place to belong, not just be a member of. Success as a commodity? Who would have thought?... Im not saying that people didn't succeed in the conventional setting, and there wasn't some thought leaders in those facilities. It just is not the norm, and as gym owner I can tell you that the business model for a conventional gym is not built upon success. Its built on pay now, never come back. Most gyms exist on an acronym called a "PIF" it stands for paid in full. The golds, la's, planets, worlds, etc all prey on the paid in full contract, and a sincere hope you never return. Because you are just wear and tear on the equipment, toilet paper, water, and customer service they won't need to handle if you just never walk back in and sign your contract like a good boy or girl. 

Factor this concept with the notion of 80-bn dollars and you can see why no one wants you to know what you're doing. Follow that money, and even more alarmingly will you see where it flows. Into lobbies that are the complete antithesis of health. Things like lobbying to license trainers, big sugar, big agri, etc. Why? Because the industry needs you fat and lost, and if you're fat, you're a great consumer. Luckily you have us. Our core focus from day one has always been "to educate you to not need us, but to provide so that you want us" This is completely backwards from the industry, and why were a threat. We intend to teach you how to change your life, not just change it, we intend to educate you on movement, not just stick you on a machine, we intend to improve your quality of life by teaching you clarity, not obfuscating it. We are open source, and that terrifies the industry. 

This would be frustrating if it were the only problem. It however is not, and it may not even be the biggest problem. What is the biggest issue facing the Fitness industry today? Cognitive bias. If you're unfamiliar. This is the systemic deviation from "norm" based on self constructed social realities. Not unlike your FB timeline that feeds you only what your political agenda would like. When your healthy, you receive more healthy feedback. This isn't bad, except over time, you forget what its like to be lost. For all of you, this is awesome, and frankly one of the reasons Paradigm is so successful. In your pursuit, we surround you with hundreds of like minded people, that slowly begin to cater your feedback loop positively. Where this goes bad is from the information side, aka, my side. 

As a trainer it is so incredibly easy to become detached from the reality of your clients. Yes you hear the same stories, and struggles over and over. However you could not be any further from sympathizing with them. Most trainers have absolutely no idea what its like to struggle with food, addiction, metabolic derangement, lack of enthusiasm or drive, goal setting etc, etc. In fact 90% of the trainers I know, arrive in this industry because they've "always worked out" or because they look good and someone thinks thats surely the reason to hire a trainer... Im not saying that trainers aren't just. They are all well meaning, and intentioned for the most part. They however are completely detached. 

Im 100% speaking from experience. I as some of you may know, did not come from a health background. Fitness wasn't fun or easy for me, or something I really ever did. I didn't eat "well". I ate for fun. I wasn't a textbook athlete, I struggled to make school teams. I never looked great naked, and I, as much as any of you was incredibly insecure. Yet despite all of this, this still isn't what lead me to fitness. I much like most, wrote "fit" off as unrealistic, or simply not in my genes. I did however arrive here on accident, by caring. I accidentally and enthusiastically got into coaching gymnastics. This taught me what it was like to be of service to a human. This naturally evolved into developing their strength and health, which also meant I had to get myself under control. Except I used myself as a walking experiment. With little hope of success I was the perfect opportunity to try things on. If it worked awesome, if not, who cares, I had nothing to lose. I tried everything. Vegan, vegetarian, high carb, low carb, paleo, bodybuilding, running, even p90x. I needed data! I also found CrossFit, thats when it all clicked. That was 11 years ago. 

This isn't about my journey though. This is about what Ive forgot along the way, and how I risked losing the thing that made me so valuable in this industry. My struggle. As I got healthier and fitter, faster, stronger, leaner. Everything started getting easier. If I need to lean out, I just tweak this real quick, 3 weeks later boom. I need to increase my squat, tweak this and boom. Lungs lacking, tweak, click boom. This is slightly sensational, but not that far from reality. It is however miles from where I began. When weight wouldn't come off, getting stronger seemed like death was easier, eating healthy was like a religion. All things that you all still struggle with. 

This is where the industry suffers. The best coaches, naturally lose touch with reality. That reality, as sad as it is, is the norm. Our world is far less healthy than it is healthy, and there is very little in place to change that from industries perspective. The foods were pushed, the lifestyles, the information etc. Its all unnavigable. Intentionally. Don't despair! Theres hope. I have navigated these waters, and this process is what sets my soul on fire. This is what Paradigm is built upon. We understand the every day struggle, we weren't just born this way. We developed it just like you, in the exact same ways we teach to you. We believe in what we do, because it is what changed our lives too. 

Don't worry, Paradigm will always have your back.