Paradigm Performance is not your average fitness facility. We've replaced machines with coaches, contracts with community, and frustration with success.


Paradigm's approach to Fitness is evolutionary. We've taken all the principles and tenants of successful fitness regiments over the years and developed them to virtuosity. Our CrossFit program is not just about intensity. It's technique, consistency and then and only then, intensity. Our purpose driven training and quality application will lead to your success! Most importantly, Paradigm is a community that will support your pursuit of fitness! 

Every person's pursuit is unique. It requires a synergy between the diversity of programming and individual attention. We can assure you will experience the full potential of that complexity in the most simplified format at our CrossFit gym in Rochester, NY. 

Rochester, located in a rich artistic and agricultural region of New York State, has long demonstrated its community as a pioneer in health, wellness, and activity. Well-known for its pioneering innovations, advocacy for change, and strong community efforts, we are proud to call Rochester home and privileged to further this community's pursuit of health and happiness.