Paradigm Performance is not your average fitness facility. We've replaced machines with coaches, contracts with community, and frustration with success.


Paradigm's approach to Fitness is evolutionary. We've taken all the principles and tenants of successful fitness regiments over the years and developed them to virtuosity. Our CrossFit program is not just about intensity, its technique, consistency and then and only then, intensity. Purpose driven training, application, and success! Most importantly a community that will support your pursuit! 

Every persons pursuit is unique. It requires a synergy between diversity of program and individual attention. We can assure you that will experience the full potential of that complexity in the most simplified format in our facility in Rochester, NY. 

Rochester, located in a rich artistic and agricultural region has long demonstrated its community as a pioneer in health, wellness, and activity. Well known for its pioneering innovations, advocacy for change, and strong community efforts, we are proud to call Rochester home, and privileged to further this communities pursuit of health and happiness. 


CrossFit is a way of life. Our goal isn't to simply train you, it is to educate you. Through education we can affect long lasting lifestyle changes, and most importantly the understanding of how and why you have experienced success. 

Saying the best shape of my life is too Cliche. To say I’ve never been able to physically enjoy my life so well is more accurate.
— Roland Johnson
Ive always struggled with the concept of Running as a skill in the development of my Endurance training. Paradigm has changed that. Run better, run faster!
— Jane White
Weightlifting was something I thought was just for getting bulky. Now I know the athleticism, and how fun it can really be.
— Becca Chang
Fitter, Stronger, Faster... Turns out this means looks better naked too! My wife thanks you.
— Dave Smith

There's a class for everyone.